INFINI Special Offer

3d Volumisation with INFINI…..Special offer, book 3 sessions and pay only $500 per session! At our Dee Why Clinic 9984 8888.

Exciting News! Kerrie & Linda have arrived …

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The northern beaches are abuzz with the news that Kerrie and Linda are working our lasers, LED lights, PDT treatments, dermal needling, microdermabrasion, and all the other great things that happen in our new and improved Laser Clinic.

You can speak to them by calling 9984 8888 or email at

Read more about Kerrie and Linda.


Skin Cancer College Accreditation

We are excited to announce that we have within our practice Dr James Barnes, who was recently Skin Cancer College Accredited.  This means that he has successfully completed high level training with the Skin Cancer College Australasia and has proven skills and knowledge in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer.  Dr Barnes has been practising advanced skin cancer medicine for many years.  This latest accolade by the college is yet another fitting tribute to our founder.

Willy Shakespeare – did he need facial rejuvenation?

shakeNow is the winter of our discontent!  Shakespeare put it so well back in 1594, but he didn’t have the advantage of proximity to Dee Why Skin.  Winter is a time of discontent for some people, when they look in the mirror and feel unhappy with some aspect of their look.  Worry no more.  Winter is the perfect time for many of the procedures we can perform to rejuvenate your skin.  With less sun and UV about, skin resurfacing is easier in winter as you don’t have to worry so much about UV inflaming your newly revitalised skin.  Call us now on 9984 8888 and ask the questions you’ve been afraid to ask. I bet William S. would have liked to freshen up that dour, old visage!

Call now on 9984 8888 to discuss facial rejuvenation, wrinkle injections, and facial fillers.

PDT taking off!

The last couple of weeks has seen a rapid increase in the number of inquiries for photodynamic therapy or PDT.  PDT was primarily developed to treat severely sun damaged skin.  However, it was soon clear that PDT not only rids the skin of many pre-cancerous spots and early skin cancers, but it leaves the skin vastly improved in appearance.

What exactly is PDT and how does it work?  Watch this space for exciting answers to these probing questions!

Call now and ask to speak to Claire Longo RN who will discuss your issues and guide you in selecting a treatment plan.

Pearl Fractional Laser – enquire now

Last week saw the number of Pearl Laser and Pearl Fractional Laser treatments, together called Pearl Fusion, increase dramatically.  We now don’t have to put up with tired, sun-damaged, wrinkly skin.  Pearl can turn back time and allow you to put your best face (or neck, decolletage, and hands) forward!  The best treatment is prevention, so keep Slip, Slap, Slop, Slide and Seeking away.  But when all else fails, call Dee Why Skin on 9984 8888 for a free consultation with one of our expert doctors or nurses.

Watch this space for photos of our latest treatments!