Movin’ On Up!

Dee Why Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic Entrance

Dee Why Skin Entrance

Dee Why Skin has moved, but not very far.  Our new entrance is a mere 30 metres west (towards Pittwater Road) across the car park from our old entrance.  Come and enjoy the beautifully renovated rooms, glistening with sunlight!  You can now see the signs on our building on Pittwater Road, between Avis and Stony Range Reserve.  Our new address is Level 1, 812 Pittwater Road, Dee Why.  You can enter our car park from Delmar Parade still – we have 12 more car spaces!  They’re signed ‘Reserved Parking – Tow Away Zone’, but don’t be put off by that bluff.  We’ve got better things to do than drive a tow-truck all day! Some people park in the Stony Range Reserve parking area directly off Pittwater Road.

You’ll see our gorgeous new signs near the entrance.  You can take the ramp,  then walk up the stairs or take the lift.  What choice!  Come in and enjoy our sparkling new premises.