Cosmetic Tattoing of Eyebrows and Lips

Tarja Centre – Cosmetic Tattoist

Tarja Centre is a qualified Aesthetician with and a diploma in Nursing who specialises in tattoos of the eyebrows and lips. She can also perform specialist cosmetic tattoos of other areas to cover scarring and to aid in breast reconstruction. Tarja has completed extra training in the art and science of lip blush, advanced microblading and ombre shading, using both manual and machine techniques.

-Eyebrow feathering: This is a cosmetic procedure which uses a precise blade to create the look of individual hair to fill in sparse brows. The result is semi-permanent natural looking brows which blend seamlessly. Ideal for dry skin types.

-Powder Brow Tattoo: This is a form of cosmetic tattooing which consists of a soft pixelated mist effect to fill in sparse brows, while adding structure and definition. Powder brow penetrates the skin at a deeper level and is longer lasting for clients. Ideal for all skin types.

-Ombre Brows: This is a form of powder brow tattoo which involves a gradual pixelated powder effect from start to finish. It creates a lighter front end of the brow while seamlessly gaining more definition towards the end. The result is a beautiful soft ombre brow! Ideal for all skin types.

-Combo Brows:This treatment combines a soft powder mist technique with feathered hair strokes to add dimension and a naturally fuller looking brow. Ideal for all skin types.

-Lip Blush Tattoo: This cosmetic tattooing treatment creates a soft tint of colour to enhance your natural lips.

Our most popular treatments “Combo Eyebrow tattoo” and “Lip Blush”:


This is our most popular treatment! This cosmetic procedure involves the hybrid combination of eyebrow feathering and powder brow tattoo. This results in a very natural looking brow, gap-free, with added shading and definition. Colour is carefully tailored to suit clients skin tone, and desired look at consultation. This treatment penetrates the skin at a deeper level than eyebrow feathering, resulting in longer lasting brows. Ideal for all skin types.


A cosmetic tattooing treatment which defines your natural lip to create the illusion of a more symmetrical, full, blushed pout. The shade and intensity is carefully tailored to suit each client individually upon consultation. This results in a subtle shade of colour, and results may last 1-3+ years!

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