Willy Shakespeare – did he need facial rejuvenation?

shakeNow is the winter of our discontent!  Shakespeare put it so well back in 1594, but he didn’t have the advantage of proximity to Dee Why Skin.  Winter is a time of discontent for some people, when they look in the mirror and feel unhappy with some aspect of their look.  Worry no more.  Winter is the perfect time for many of the procedures we can perform to rejuvenate your skin.  With less sun and UV about, skin resurfacing is easier in winter as you don’t have to worry so much about UV inflaming your newly revitalised skin.  Call us now on 9984 8888 and ask the questions you’ve been afraid to ask. I bet William S. would have liked to freshen up that dour, old visage!

Call now on 9984 8888 to discuss facial rejuvenation, wrinkle injections, and facial fillers.

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ASAP Skincare

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Now in stock! ASAP Skin Vitality Packs- great for all skin types and includes Vitamin C Serum and Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser in  a great box, perfect gift and a 33% saving at just $99!

Advanced hydrating moisturiser contains green tea which is a powerful antioxidant which helps to protect against free radical damage. Ceramides assist in bolstering the skins moisture barrier and help to increase the moisture content for dry, dehydrated, ageing and sun damaged skin. Can be used morning and night to help with lines and wrinkles and is suitable for all skin types.

Super C Serum contains 20% pure vitamin C which has been shown to protect he skin against the harmful effects from UV rays, its also stimulates collagen production and has anti-inflammatory properties which assist in reducing facial redness and encourage skin healing.

ASAP skin products are 100% vegan and have not ben tested on animals and are effective and affordable.